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Citing & Managing Resources
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Citing & Managing Resources

Reference management programs help you with collecting, storing, structuring and retrieving literature and sources. They also support your writing process by allowing you to automatically insert citations and references into your text, along with many other useful features for academic work.

So far we offer guides and practical tips for Citavi only. As we will be adding material over time, do not hesitate to propose topics which would be useful to you.



Citavi allows you to create your own research database and adapt it to your working habits. The program relieves you of many routine tasks, thus giving you more time to concentrate on your writing. If you study objects, images or non-printed sources, Citavi is also a great help.

Introductions, Guides and Practical Tips (coming soon!)

While we are working on updating our guides for Citavi 6, please find material on Citavi 5 on the Website of SUB Göttingen!

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