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A Short Overview

Welcome to the Fachinformationsdienst (FID) or Specialized Information Service (SIS) Anglo-American Culture. We, as the Library of Anglo-American Culture & History (Library AAC), provide literature, information, and traditional scholarly resources to scholars but also offer publication and self-archiving services with the repository “The Stacks”.

Tell us what you need

We expressly invite exchange between you as researchers and us at the library to ensure that our services meet your requirements. Please send us your feedback and suggestions for additional services or topics you would like us to address.

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Top News

Several piles of books on Canada on top of a library cart
A stack of dark academia-themed books, being the 6 titles introduced and linked in the text, lie on a wooden desk in the Historical Building of Göttingen State and University Library. The mood is dark and gloomy. The background shows a window framed by two statues, chairs and rows of old books on wooden shelves
A sepia-hued view of the Statue of Liberty
The Stonewall National Monument on June 25, 2016, the day after its declaration as a national monument by President Barack Obama
Arbeitskreis Großbritannien-Forschung
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