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Publish in The Stacks

Our Publication Service

The FID AAC offers extensive services to support the upload of your documents to The Stacks if you need assistance concerning rights, publisher communication, and even digitization of publications that, so far, have only been available in print. We will help you during the time-consuming process of making your work available in Open Access.

These are the steps:

  1. Send us your publication list via email 
  2. We review which publications and which version can be archived according to German copyright laws and international publisher policies
  3. We send you our assessment
  4. We digitize publications that have been print-only thus far
  5. With your permission, we upload PDFs of your work to The Stacks 

Advantages of Publishing in The Stacks

  1. Higher visibility: Your publication will be found more easily by (academic) search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, or BASE.
  2. Citability: Your electronic publication will be clearly identifiable and citable through permanent identifiers such as Persistent Uniform Resource Locators (PURL) and Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). 
  3. Your document is archived and saved by a DFG-funded, non-commercial institution within the realm of German data privacy law.
  4. In order to maintain document integrity and to avoid redundancy, we import metadata of already registered DOIs.
  5. By granting The Stacks non-exclusive usage rights, you retain all rights to your documents and are free to re-use them elsewhere, e.g. the repository of your home institution.
  6. Self-archiving your documents in our repository, enables you to secure the entirety of your achievements in one place by publishing preprints (author's versions), conference papers, conference programmes, reports, and course materials.
  7. Accessibility of documents independent of time and location

Before you publish in The Stacks, please read our Policy Statement.

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