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Primary Literature
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Primary Literature in the Holdings of SUB Göttingen

SUB Göttingen's Modern Stacks
SUB Göttingen's Modern Stacks. Photo: Martin Liebetruth. CC BY 4.0

As primary literature (i.e. literary editions and anthologies) is usually not indexed in bibliographic databases along with secondary literature, it is helpful to have a supplementary electronic tool for systematic discovery. Our local classification system (Göttinger Online-Klassifikation, GOK; Göttingen Online Classification) allows for some useful and specific ways of discovery in Göttingen University Catalogue (GUK): You can browse our rich collection of primary literature by literary genre, type of anthology and / or region.

A few examples: In the classification system, the class IA 610 contains texts by English writers. The class IAF 661 contains works of poetry by Irish authors. IA 437 contains anthologies of short stories. IA 444 contains anthologies of fantasy, science fiction and Gothic literature.

Thus, the classes offer useful perspectives on primary literature, particularly if you are exploring a new research topic or just developing an idea.

Please note that this browsing method works best for our acquisitions after 1990 (the classification was introduced then) and is thus a great tool for discovering contemporary literature.

How to use the classification for browsing

Into the search bar of GUK, type the search key "lkl" (short for "Lokalklassifikation"), the notation of the class you want to browse and a question mark.

If you are looking for poetry by Irish authors (class: IAF 661), for example, type:

lkl iaf 661?

and hit "enter" or click on "Suchen". 

How to find the right notation

Combine the letters which represent the literary region (e.g. England, Ireland, America...) with the number which represents the literary genre or type of anthology you would like to browse.

Letters - Regions

IA    English
IAB    Old English
IAD    Middle English
IAF    English in Ireland
IAH    English in Scotland
IAJ    English in Wales
IBB    Australian English
IBG    New Zealand English
IBJ    Canadian English
IBM    African English
IBO    Caribbean English
IBR    English in Asia and Oceania
IBW    Indic English
IBY    Creole languages based on English
IC     American English


Numbers - Literary Genre

Text collections

400 Collections of literary texts
410 Text collections by public and private institutions
420 Anthologies and chrestomathies
425 Quotations
430 Collections of individual literary genres
431 Poetry (general)
432 Poetry
433 Epic poetry
434 Drama
435 Prose
436 Novel
437 Novella. Tale. Short story
438 Fairy tale. Myth. Legend. Fable
439 Other forms of verse and prose

440 Specific kinds of literature
441 Literary biography. Life writing
442 Travel writing
443 Crime fiction
444 Fantastic literature
445 Comic literature. Satire
446 Folk literature. Oral literature
447 Popular fiction. Pulp fiction
448 Historiographical literature
449 Political literature
451 Religious literature
453 Didactic literature
454 Medical literature
455 Legal literature
458 Other scholarly literature
459 Other specific kinds of literature

470 Collections by specific kinds of persons
472 Children's and young adult literature
473 Women's writing
474 Minority literatures

480 Collections of texts from specific periods or regions


610 Individual authors - Texts

661 Poetry
663 Drama
665 Fiction
667 Other genres and autobiographies

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