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What Is The Stacks
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The Stacks - Our Open Access Archive

The Stacks is the interdisciplinary Open Access repository for American Studies, Anglophone Literatures & Cultures, Australian and New Zealand Studies, British and Irish Studies, Canadian Studies and English in Germany, provided by us.

In The Stacks you can archive

  • articles, blog articles, book reviews, working papers, monographs, and other proceedings
  • journals and other periodicals and series

in electronic form, provided you have the right to do so.

We also offer to publish and archive

  • conference reports, conference papers, conference programmes,
  • calls for papersbooks of abstracts
  • course material (course descriptions, syllabi).

If you would like to upload other types of material not listed here, please contact us.

All uploaded material is made available Open Access, either immediately or after the time span you choose.

Your Academic Work in Our Repository

One of the most important missions of the FID AAC is to record and make available as much academic work product by German academics as possible. We believe that our subject repository is a great way to make the scope of scholarly work in Germany visible - specifically for our research communities.

Self-Archiving or publishing your work on The Stacks - even if have uploaded your work elsewhere - has several advantages:

  • Your work can be stored permanently on our servers
  • Your work is easily identifiable with persistent identifiers
  • You increase the visibility, citability, and searchability of your work
  • The scope of The Stacks goes beyond your own environment and reaches members of the entire research community
  • You further the national network of scholars and contribute to a lively scholarly exchange
  • You contribute to the advancement of Open Access infrastructure

Learn more about the "Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe" (LOCKSS)-Program at the Stanford Libraries. 

The Difference between Primary and Secondary Publishing

The Stacks focuses on secondary publishing, which means that we re-publish already published material that has appeared in journals, editions, scholarly blogs, etc., or in the form of books under an Open Access license. This approach is also known as the Green Way of Open Access and includes such forms as self-archiving (or "zweitveröffentlichen" in German).

Green Open Access is guaranteed within the framework of German copyright law and has been also adopted by various countries of the European Union. This approach is meant to support the distribution of knowledge and barrier-free gathering of information.In our efforts to make hitherto inaccessible work accessible, we cooperate with the Center for Retrospective Digitization in Göttingen (GDZ) in order to digitize documents that, so far, have only been available in print.

Besides self-archiving, you can also publish hitherto unpublished material in our repository. We are especially interested in grey literature, i.e. documents and documents with academic merit that cannot be published via traditional ways. This way, we want to contribute to map the activities of our research community in a more cohesive and inclusive way. 

With our repository we want to provide a platform that functions both as a reliable tool to safekeep your work and as a useful resource for scholars, that ultimately contributes to strong academic networks in Germany and beyond.

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