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The Academic Podcast - An Important Tool for Research Communication

Last Update: March 7, 2022

The transfer of knowledge and the discussion of research findings is one of the most central tasks in academia. To a heightened degree, fields operating in the humanities have a responsibility and desire to communicate their research as it helps to contextualize, explain, categorize, and observe the many aspects of human existence as they relate to politics, history, culture, nature, and society. Aspirations to make knowledge production and academic discourse more transparent as well as permeable are strongly encouraged (if not required) by sponsors and facilitated by digital technology that reaches audiences like never before. The possibilities seem endless, so does the amount of outlets, so does the workload.

With this gateway, the FID AAC wants to highlight excellent examples for successful and innovative research communication in form of podcasts and, in doing so, appreciate the immense work that goes into the production of episodes, channels, and overall scholarly communication infrastructure. At the same time, we want to provide a source for students, teachers, and researchers working in our fields to find valuable resources. This gateway, in which we mainly focused on German productions, aims to make the work of many visible and usable. If important resources are missing, please let us know.

American Studies

  • Quo Vadis USA (2020–) is the weekly podcast of the Heidelberg Center for American Studies and covers recent developments as well as historic events in the US from different perspectives. This podcast is a platform for scholars, public intellectuals and other US-experts to talk about current research findings as well as pressing societal, political, and cultural matters on a regular basis. Listen to it on Apple Podcast and Spotify.
  • Talking American Studies (2018–) is an academic podcast produced and hosted by Verena Adamik to showcase the work of German researchers in American Studies. In conversationwith the host the guests talk about their ongoing American studies projects, greater cultural phenomena, and academia in Germany in more general terms. Find all listening channels on Buzzsprout.
  • The Trans-Atlanticist (2021–), produced by the Amerikazentrum Hamburg and hosted by Andrew Sola, investigates the transatlantic relations between Germany and the USA in relation to past, present, and future. In order to do so Sola invites a wide spectrum of experts  reaching from journalists and artists to businessmen and academics. Two sub-series have thus far emerged "Novel RomAntics" (hosted by Douglas Cowie) and "LadyFiction" (hosted by Stefanie Schäfer). Listen to the podcast on Spotify and Podigee.

Australian & New Zealand Studies

  • Stuff the British Stole (2020–) is a podcast that explores the oftentimes-brutal history of the British Empire and the Commonwealth through objects that ended up in the collections of prestigious institutions or that lost their origin on their way into everyday lives. Hosted by journalist Marc Fennell and produced by ABC Podcast this podcast is truly binge-worthy. Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

British & Irish Studies

  • British Studies Lecture Series (2018–2020) is the collection of lectures given at the British, Irish and Empire Studies program of the University of Texas at Austin. These lectures given by renowned professors of history, literary studies, political science, and the arts cover a wide array of topics that lie at the core of studying British culture and literature: From Shakespearian drama and Oscar Wilde to Winston Churchill and Brexit. Listen to the podcast on Spotify.
  • The Irish Itinerary Podcast (2020–) is produced by the European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS) and showcases the work of Irish artists and authors alongside that of scholars active in the field of Irish studies throughout Europe. This is wonderfully achieved by bringing together one author/artist and one researcher in each episode. Listen to the episodes on the EFACIS website.

Digital Humanities

  • RaDiHum20 (2020-) is the RAdio for DIgital HUManities and is hosted by Jonathan Geiger, Lisa Kolodzie, Mareike Schumacher, and Patrick Toschka. In each episode members of the DH-community in Germany are interviewed to present ongoing projects, to talk about tools and methodologies, or to reflect on and investigate broader questions/movements within the field of DH. Listen to the podcast on Spotify.


  • Ceteris never Pluribus: The History of Economic Thought Podcast (2017-) is hosted by a group of international scholars from numerous fields connected to economics. Each episode explores its topics by inviting experts guests to discuss different aspects in conversation. Great examples of how well this concepts works are "Defining and Measuring Poverty" (Ep. 16) or "A Cataclysm Sentence for Economics" (Ep. 26). You can subscribe to this podcast on numerous platforms.


  • Bunny Trails: A Word History Podcast (2018-) discovers the origin and history of commonly known idioms. In each episode hosts Shauna Harrison and Dan Pugh discuss one phrase from "play it by ear" (ep. 4) to "thick as thieves" (ep. 65) to "earworm" (ep. 94) to "cool as a cucumber" (ep. 135). The innovative nature of language never ceases to amaze and this podcast is proof of that. Listen to the episodes on the podcast's website.
  • The History of English Podcast: The Spoken History of a Global Language (2012-) is one of the earliest and best known podcasts to explore the English language in all its facets. Host Kevin Stroud has been on "a fascinating journey through old manuscripts, foreign lands, and familiar historical figures" to shed light on the cultural, phonetic, historical, literary, social, geographical, and political dimensions of English. This podcast also provides geographic maps to better follow the movements of English. Listen to the episodes on the podcast's website.

Literary Studies

  • Another Place, Another Time (2021–2022), is the second lecture series-gone-podcast of the English Seminar of the University of Heidelberg that was released during the winter term 2021/22. This 15-episode podcast comes to terms with the question "what a departure from immediate reality means in different literary periods, genres, modes, and movements." Once more, Annika Elstermann assembeled scholars who contribute greatly to the ongoing discussion of relevant themes including authenticity, sentimentalism, utopia, and fantasy. Listen to the episodes or read the transcripts on the website of the English Seminar.
  • Community and Isolation (2020–2021), is the first lecture series-gone-podcast of the English Seminar of the University of Heidelberg. Initiated by Annika Elstermann, this 12-episode podcast offers its speakers a platform to discuss different forms and functions of 'community' and 'isolation' in anglophone literatures. The series covers a wide range of literary themes reaching from Old English sagas to classic American prose to eighteenth century pandemic narratives, while each episode examines its topic in great detail and in an engaing fashion. Listen to the episodes or read the transcripts on the website of the English Seminar.
  • Anything but Silent (2019–2020), was a podcast series produced by the British Library and the Eccles Center for American Studies centering on the library as a place of freedom and a imagined space around which stories formulate. In conversation with her guests, Cleo Laskarin visited many types of libraries and uncovered the secrets and potential they hold. Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Podigee
  • Queer Lit (2021–), is a literary studies podcast focusing on the politics, forms, and particularities of queer literature. In this bi-weekly podcast host Lena Mattheis invites one or more expert guests to explore the full spectrum of LGBTQIA+* literature and its impact on culture as a whole. Listen on Spreaker and find all further channels there.

Postcolonial Studies

  • Postcolonial Space (2020–) is a vast archive of postcolonial thought and criticism that includes episodes on major crucial works and schools within postcolonial studies. Masood Raja, who is professor of postcolonial studies, complements shorter episodes on theoretical concepts with entire series on influential books, literary reviews, and extensive Q&A sessions. Listen on Apple Podcasts or visit Masood Raja's YouTube Channel.
  • Erased in Translation (2020) is a two-part limited podcast series produced by the Research Training Group “Minor Cosmopolitanism”. The hosts talk to Vanessa Thompson and Sara Salem about their jointly written article “Old Racisms, New Masks” and dive deeper into decolonial practices, critical race theory, and travelling theories to explore race relations in Europe. Listen to the podcast and find all related materials here.

Sonderforschungebereiche (SFBs)

  • Bedrohte Ordnungen - Krisen anders denken (2020) is the podcast of SFB 923 "Bedrohte Ordnungen" at the University of Tübingen. Its host Pia Furth interviews members of the research group to investigate questions about real and perceived threats to established orders. Especially interesting for the members our research communities are the episodes on "Brexit, Britishness und Bedrohte Ordnung" and "Der Fall George Floyd: Rasse, Macht und Ordnung in den USA". This podcast is in German. Listen to it on Spotify.
  • Hinter den Dingen (2018–) is interested in exploring museum objects to trace premodern histories. Produced by the SFB 980 "Episteme in Bewegung" at Freie Universität Berlin, this podcast is not afraid to try unique narrative strategies - moving between scientific facts, feature, and radio play - to uncover the facettes of every object. The members of this research group let their audience partake in their scholarship in very engaging ways. This podcast is in German. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.
  • More Than a Feeling: Gefühle und Gesellschaft (2020–) is the podcast of SFB 1171 "Affective Societies" at Freie Universität Berlin. In conversation research group members Birgitt Röttger-Rössler and Margreth Lünenborg talk with each other and with guests about societal and personal emotions, feelings, and affects. Episodes include conversations about journalism, theater, and other mechansims of generating public feelings. Listen the podcast on Spotify.
  • Recht abgedreht - Recht und Film (2021–) is the newly-established podcast of the Justice and Crime Movie cluster of the SFB 1385 Recht und Literatur. The members of the cluster talk about different ways in which movies and films deal with law, the judiciary system, and crime. Depending on the angle each film takes, the conversations on this podcast set out to cover a lot of ground in discussing representation, narrative strategy, and history of the medium. This podcast is in German. Find out where to listen.
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