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The Stacks Has Been Reorganized

Bild von kropekk_pl auf Pixabay

Beginning with the introduction of our new logo in June, we deemed it important to continue the progress of The Stacks to make it easier to use. Therefore we restructured our repository's website and the order of its contents to make browsing through the collections more intuitive and enhance overall usability. Now the documents are at the center of visitors' attention. This reorganization became necessary because we realized that we had to respond to the growing number of documents archived in The Stacks and to accomodate our plans for its future development.

The Stacks' New Homepage

Cropped screenshot of The Stacks' homepage

We placed the search bar more prominently at the center of the homepage so that visitors can more easily conduct a full-text search and find the documents they are looking for right away. To support this straight-forward and intuitive experience, we additionally introduced a number of buttons that will lead directly visitors to our contents according to document-type. We hope that this will make browsing our collections more enjoyable and goal-oriented. By introducing the buttons we could also adjust the number of facettes in the sidebar to avoid endless scrolling.

Our regular contributors who provide content to The Stacks on a recurrent basis are now listed at the bottom of the page. Users can view corresponding collections - if applicable - by clicking on the respective logo.

Another important aspect of our reorganization is the clear display of contents in the periodicals and anthology collections that you are invited to explore. Thanks to our collegues from the Media/rep we were able to implement a DSpace-script that presents documents belonging to a journal issue or anthology in an orderly fashion that creates more context and relations for single documents in greater collections.

Please note that the creation of new collections is a work-in-progress. If you have questions or if something does not look right, please contact us.

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